Imagination is like a light bulb.

flash on so bright

hint me insights.

All the happiness in the world

 I wish

make me not want to turn off the switch.


  Children jump up and down


like one big family.

Elders walk with full of strength

mentally strong

everywhere they go, they belong.


 People gather together

  to celebrate culture and religious  

carry on their traditions.

They confidently express

their opinions and beliefs

 life is so meaningful to live.


    Imagination then sadden me

like a lightbulb that burn out

  reality has brought out.

    Kids scream

    limited water and food

 rarely have a happy mood.


            Elders physically hurt

       loss of memory

        where goes all the energy?

          People argue and fight

 over little things

 hateness brings.

Lack of courage

       shut their lives down

    not know until they drown.



how dare you act like a lightning bugs?



is what I want to see.

      But why show me negativity?



will you let me see all the good reality?

 People’s happiness, can you guarantee?


    I hope someday you will understand

   so please let those souls dance.

    For I know

   I can only imagine.

I can only pray.